Mugen All Stars Tournament: Season 3 – Episode 66

Mugen All Stars

Season 3 – Round 2 – Part 4

Chester Cheetah (Cheetos) Vs Hyleg Ouroubuckle (Megaman)

Cell (Dragonball) Vs Koopa Clown Car (I Wanna Be The Guy)

Throbby Quelch (Achievement Hunter Worms) Vs Yam Burger (Achievement Hunter Worms)

May (Pokémon) vs Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

Logan (X-Men) Vs Pinsir (Pokemon)

Nightwolf (Mortal Kombat) Vs Bob-Omb (Super Mario Bros)

Podge (Achievement Hunter Worms) Vs Adamas (S.H.A.D.E.S. Of Manhattan)

Akuma (Street Fighter) Vs Alien Spinner (Alien Vs Predator)

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