Mugen All Stars Tournament: Season 5 – Episode 103

Mugen All Stars

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Round 2 Part 39

Chin (King Of Fighters) vs Fujin (Mortal Kombat)

V-Zero (King Of Fighters) vs The Legendary Sennin: Jiraiya, Orochimaru & Tsunade Senju (Naruto)

Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) vs Malin (King Of Fighters)

Urayne (Pokémon) vs Jim Jimm n Jimmy (Achievement Hunter Worms)

Kain Blade, Milan Flare & Gillius Thunderhead (Golden Axe) vs Zombies! (Plants Vs Zombies)

Gordeau (Blaz Blue) vs Garcynthia (Pokemon)

Ghost Rider (Marvel) vs USN Counter (Counter Strike)

Meat (Mortal Kombat) vs All For One (My Hero Academia)

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