Mugen All Stars Tournament: Season 5 – Episode 153

Mugen All Stars

Mugen All Stars Tournament Logo

Round 2 Part 89

Sheeva (Mortal Kombat) vs Cammy (Street Fighter)

Choi (King Of Fighters) vs Toguro Ototo (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Sai (Naruto) Vs Shinegreymon (Digimon)

Bick Sheath (Achievement Hunter Worms) vs Ointment Cletus (AH Worms)

Manzo (World Of Warcraft) vs Dual Shears

Axel Stone (Streets Of Rage) vs Duo (Mega Man)

The 5th Kazekage, Gaara Of The Sand (Naruto) vs Dracula & Dragon

Chojuro (Naruto) vs Ben Tennyson (Ben10)


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