Mugen All Stars Tournament: Season 5 – Episode 233

Mugen All Stars

Mugen All Stars Tournament Logo

Round 3 Part 14

Bubonic Plague (Achievement Hunter Worms) vs Kotetsu Isane (Bleach)

Wonderwoman (DC Comics) vs Sandy Cheeks (Spongebob Squarepants)

Gabumon (Digimon) vs Grimmjow Jaegerjaques (Bleach)

Sarada Uchiha (Naruto) vs Agunimon (Digimon)

Gouken (Street Fighter) vs Steve (AH Worms)

Nero (Devil May Cry) vs Wereworm (Worms)

Sage Of The Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki (Naruto) vs Plant Man (Mega Man)

Blade (Street Fighter The Movie) vs Squelch (AH Worms)

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