Mugen All Stars Tower Mode: Season 2 Episode 4

Mugen All Stars

Victory Road is back with a new name and 24 more combatants! Tower Mode will see fighters rise through the ranks in a winner stays on climb of the tower! Keep winning and keep climbing, if you lose we go back to the lowest rank again and repeat until everyone has had a go! Kicking things off with #17 Hanzou(Samurai Showdown) vs #16 Space Warrior (Asteroids)

10th Mike Tyson Even
11th Omega Zero
12th Kunckles The Echidna
13th Entei
14th The Guy
15th E-709 Eggbot
16th Space Warrior
17th Hanzou
18th Shredder Even
19th Death Egg Robotnik Even
20th Unown Even

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